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Hair Removal


Facial hair can be removed by threading. (Fast and hygiene hair removal using cotton thread resulting in finer hair regrowth)

Eyebrow £9.50
Cheeks £7.95
Lip/Chin/Neck/Forehead £5.85
Full face and Eyebrows £22.95


Hair removal using either Tea tree or Honey wax.

Eyebrow – From £9.50
Lip/ Chin/ Neck/ Forehead – From £7.95
Cheeks- From £7.50
Full Face (excluding eyebrows) – From £18.95
Bikini line – From £9.95
Brazilian Bikini – From £18.95
Hollywood Bikini – From £24.95
Full leg and Bikini – From £28.95
Full leg – From £24.95
Half leg – From £15.95
Full arm – From £15.95
Full arm and under arm – From £19.95
Under arm – From £8.95
Half arm – From £11.95
Back and shoulder – From £22.95
Chest and stomach – From £22.95


A permanent hair removal treatment using a fine needle to destroy individual hair follicles in finer hair regrowth.

Diathermy Blend Diathermy Blend
£ £ £ £
10 mins 7.95 8.95 15 mins 9.95 10.95
20 mins 11.95 12.95 30 mins 15.95 16.95

Caci IPL Hair Removal:

High energy pulses of light are directed at the hair follicles where growth takes place. The red light is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair shaft, causing temperature to rise and destroy the hair follicle. Multiple treatments are required as only hair follicles in the growth (anagen) phase respond to treatment and so there is usually a month or so interval between hair removal treatments to make sure that hair is at the right stage for removal. After each treatment hair takes longer to grow back and is finer than before.

Due to the intensity of the light used, the therapist and client will wear goggles to protect the eyes. Skin is cooled with ice packs to reduce the heat reaction. Using a hand piece, the qualified therapist will hold it on the skin at the point to be treated and the pulses of light are channelled down the fibre optic tubes to the hand piece and onto the skin to destroy the hairs. What does it feel like? Many clients describe the sensation as like having elastic bands quickly pinged onto the skin but it doesn’t cause much discomfort. Skin may be slightly swollen or red for a short while after but you can resume normal activity as soon as you like.

All body and face areas, (excluding eyebrows) and for men, back and chest.

Thread veins – As the light which is targeted towards the treated area is turned into heat, it breaks down the protein in the wall of the thread vein leaving the area clear.

Please contact salon for more information and prices.